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Multimedia: Video, Podcasts and Digital Magic

The importance of video – and other forms of multimedia content – on social media become wildly self-evident when you consider that the top 10 trending viral videos on YouTube had a total of 550 million views. By now, just about everyone is using video to some extent.

According to industry experts, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. When done well, video and podcasts will evoke engagement and transmits information quickly and effectively. Statistically, videos that are under 90 seconds long tend to have a 50% retention rate – or better -- while videos that are over 30 minutes hang on to only 10% of their viewers.

Here are some interesting facts compiled by YouTube:

· More than 80% of Twitter users watch video on Twitter

· 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily

· Instagram TV now allows creators to upload high quality, long-form, vertical videos and to create channels where they can upload videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long

CREATE CONTENT CALENDAR: The content calendar should support the Marketing Calendar AND stand alone to meet defined goals and KPIs.

PROPOSED WORKFLOW: Create outline > get outline approved > write blog post > make requested changes > have it approved > create supporting materials (i.e., video, podcast, infographic, photo gallery) > get approved > all package elements to CEO for approval > upload > publish > archive packages

· Define who is producing content

· Define what post resources are needed and which are available

· Determine publishing workflow

· Define where and how elements to each post will be stored/maintained

CREATE CONTENT: Great content is informative and comes from in-house experts, known sites and resources, existing internal and external content, customer insights, research and sector experts. Each piece will have its own tone and style. The following is a list of the types of content that can be created.

· Video/Blog post

· Guest blog post (from expert, vendor-partner, other)

· Articles

· eNewsletters

· Live events

· Curated pieces

· Infographics

· Interviews

· Webinars

· Contests

· Surveys

· Slide shares


Once a piece of content is produced, it needs to be promoted. It is a good idea to think about distribution prior to creating content so each piece of content can be spun for maximum impact.

Distribution Channels

· Blogs

· eNewsletter

· Website

· Resource library

· Cross-promotion with other related content (a MUST do)

· Internal communication

· Email footer

Influencers, bloggers, partners (online PR)

· Provide a sneak peek

· Let external team know a post is live

· Provide thumbnails of tagged and optimized URLs

· Write and provide a related story for key media

Social Media

· Twitter

· LinkedIn

· Facebook

· Instagram

· YouTube

Phase Two Social Media

· Vimeo

· Flickr

· Pinterest

· Social bookmarks (Stumble, Digg and others)

· Q & A Forums (like Quora)

· Wikipedia

Paid Media

· PPC (search engines, LinkedIn)

· Newsletters and sponsorships

· Webinar with media partners

· Cost-per-lead programs > Consider Cardlytics and similar programs are offered by Verizon and others with good customer data

· Direct mail and print media


There are multiple tools to help measure success of content marketing, starting with Google Analytics, but this is not the only tool. In general, to make sure content is properly optimized content manager should:

· Tag all URLs

· Use landing pages

· Set clear goals and use these parameters in setting up analytics

· Set advanced segments to track each channel (and campaign)

· Promote content

· Review past campaigns for ROI and other learnings

· Share learnings with team

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