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Face it, traditional advertising is all but dead particularly with younger consumers. Transparency in customer service, corporate social responsibility and core culture are more important than ever before. This makes intelligent, intentional content the strategy anchor for any forward-thinking company or cause.


Content Marketing is not about video supported by vapid blog posts glued together with keywords and hip idioms of the day. Content Marketing is an effective strategic marketing tactic that delivers engaging, informative, entertaining, valuable content to a well-defined audience. It needs to address a customer pain point, curiosity or information void to drive action.


On a good day, your content will result in improved  traffic, engagement and sales. On every other day, it will fuel your reputation, meet the informational needs of your customers. Then, you could go old school (paid ad) and shout about the awesomeness your product and boost the hell out of it across traditional and all digital platforms known to humanity – and this will get you a burst of attention.The sad news? It won’t last. No one believes this kind of gimmickry anymore.

You will earn customers and a growing engaged community by providing relevant and useful solutions presented in the form of fresh, informative and well-produced content.


It doesn't matter if you're  Fortune 100 company, eclectic entrepreneur, owner of a corner bar or running a 501(c)3 to do good in the world, it takes a thoughtful strategy, a lot of planning, hard work and intentional consistency to succeed.


As traditional marketing is standing on its last legs, we're here to help you move mountains through meaningful storytelling.


The planet is spammed out on ads and SEO-stacked blah, blah, blah. Consumers have a strong knee jerk reaction against companies that are still into shameless chest-banging so why not tell your story as-it-is, where-it-was and where-its-going?


Without a solid Content Marketing plan and full grasp of how great information is intended to flow, you’re wasting your social boost dollars, Yen, Euros. What remains constant is that search engines will always favor websites that are intentional about publishing exceptional content.  


Your Public Relations strategy will center around reader interests. The more juicily relevant content you publish consistently, the better your results. A pay-per-click campaign is only as good as the content that supports it. The same concept applies to lead generation and every other aspect of marketing.

Let's get down to the business of some creatistorytelling fun!

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