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The Key is Intentional Content

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

A strong blog core is suggested for all content channels. To make it easier to understand, the original blog post on website “home base” content which is then repurposed and shared on other digital properties or other sites. These are called “outposts.” Each blog post needs to be actionable, valuable and sharable. In short, each needs to provide valuable, informative, engaging and shareable content.

It is advisable for most posts to have a video component – or at least – a graphic component such as a photo(s), gallery or infographics. Video is an essential element that has proven to engage visitors and reduce abandonment.


To get started, review existing body of content, create an inventory and identify what content is usable or re-purposable. This includes previous blog posts, sales decks, videos, archived webinars, podcasts (or other unedited audio files). This content should be qualified as follows:

· Themes/Topics/Headlines

· Who is target audience?

· What buying/engagement stage is the content geared to?

· Add notes about how content can be used to target other personas and other buying stages

A topic is a theme with a spin and a compelling title. It should be very sharable, how-to orientated, authoritative, friendly and current.


Prior to producing content identify themes of content. This is a broader look that can be refined to topics. Themes need to be identified by criteria in a space the organization intends to own. Identify criteria content needs to meet and identify SEO key phrases.


Starts with BLOG POST > Social Media > E-mail/newsletter > Mobile App (if company has one) > Influencers > Syndication (when appropriate)

Important Note: Hyper-localized content that is optimized accordingly will be a big trend in 2020 and beyond. Read article.

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